Daily Archives: February 20, 2009


I Knew This! Atlantis Found On Google Earth


A couple weeks back when I posted on some dude finding treasure on Google Earth, I faux challenged somebody to find some mythical s**t. Low and behold the UK's Sun Tabloid just reported someone finding the Lost City of Atlantis on Google Earth. The picture you are looking...


Nintendo DSi Quick Pros & Cons List


By the time April 5th rolls around, anyone looking to upgrade from an older DS/DS Lite or buy one for the first time, will be better prepared because they googled this list. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from the new DSi [...]...


Metal Gear Solid Touch Website Gets Officialized

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The Metal Gear Solid Touch Official Website is finally here. There's not a whole lot to it. Seems as it was a little rushed as some of the options such as the trailer are not available at this time. The interface attempts to be slick, but there's...


Gadget Leak: Motorola ZN300 Slider Phone


And there it is. Earlier this month we brought you a couple of leaked shots of Motorola's ZN300 and now we've got official press quality pics. It's not a bad looking slider phone, but it won't be knocking down any tech barriers or better yet signing up any...


MIT’s GreenWheel Is The Next Electrical Bike


I’m sorry, I thought the whole purpose of riding a bike was for exercise and powering yourself from one location to the next off of the proverbial grid?  An MIT student, Ryan Chin, has invented the GreenWheel.  Although I applaud him for his ingenuity, the moniker makes a mockery of...

Razer Moray 1

Gadget Review: Razer Moray Gaming Headphones


The more I review earbuds the more I am impressed with the cheap ones. I'm on a self professed quest to find the ultimate pair of earbuds and though that day may never arrive, I am impressed today. In the past I felt that my earbuds reviews went...

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