Daily Archives: February 19, 2009


iWood Cobra iPhone Case…I Would Not Buy This


iwood-cobra-5 Holy expensive iPhone case! The iWood cobra is crafted from what I hope is some sort of rare and opulent wood. Better yet, I hope the rain forest experienced extreme deforestation, otherwise I just won't know how to justify the price tag of [...]...

EA Active

EA’s Wii Active To Steal Torch From Wii Fit?


Software titans EA will engage in a new battle on May 19th. EA Active will be in direct competition with Nintendo's Wii Fit in the realm of exercise games. Whereas Nintendo has done this before with the power pad, this will be EA's first foray into exercise...

Wii SNES Controller

Wii’s Virtual Console Gets Its Old School Controller


With Wii's Virtual Console you can play a slew of NES and Super Nes games from your childhood. The only hindrance to achieving old school NES bliss was the fact that you have to use the Wii remote, which isn't remotely close to what you used as a child....