Daily Archives: February 18, 2009


Archos Faces The Music, Announces S10 Netbook


If you’ve long associated Archos with PMPs, well, associate no longer.  The long time maker of portable media players unveiled their first netbook today, the 10s.  It’s slim and slender at just 20mm – that’s just 8mm thicker than the current the 3G iPhone – and includes an Intel Atom...


17-inch Macbook Pro Battery Is Removable…Sort Of


I love it.  Apple announced the 17-inch Macbook Pro to a ton of fanfare and then disappointment thanks to the ‘nonremovable battery‘.  But, and you’re gonna like this, the battery is totally removable.  Just unscrew the 13 Philips screws and unplug.  Apparently there is some sort of ‘warranty’ sticker, but...


Sony Ericsson W995 Commercial (video)


Sony Ericsson’s W995 just hit open waters a few days ago and I must admit that it’s a nice looking device – the 8MP camera doesn’t hurt either.  I now present to you the W995 commercial.  It features a tweaked Nirvana song (I wonder if they had to pay royalties),...

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