Daily Archives: February 17, 2009


Sirius XM Gets A Half A Billion Bailout Loan


Recently announced, Sirius XM is to receive a bailout loan from Liberty Media for 530 million dollars. Liberty Media is the parent company of Direct TV and expects a 15% interest rate in 3.5 years time. At the present, Sirius XM has about 20 million customers and clears...


Nokia Partners With Skype, To Lets Users Call Over 3G


Skype and Nokia may have partnered today, but I guarantee it will be quickly overshadowed by carrier blockage.  What do I mean?  So the partnership integrates Skype into many of Nokia’s phones going forward.  They’ll start with the Nseries and more specifically the N97.  Nokia and Skype intend to let...


Mobile Industry To Push Universal Phone Charger


Several of the mobile big wigs, spearheaded by the Group Special Mobile Association (GSMA), announced plans to push a new universal phone charger. The 17 member group, which includes Nokia, LG, and AT&T, among others (but not Apple), are committing to use the Micro USB standard on all their cellphones by January...