Daily Archives: February 16, 2009


Microsoft Finally Shows Off Windows Mobiles 6.5 (video)


Finally, and after many months of leaked screenshots, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Mobile 6.5.  The leaked photos we’ve seen over the last few months are accurate, at least as far as the honey comb UI goes.  Microsoft’s commercial (below) claims ‘improved finger navigation’, ‘do more with photos (I don’t see...


HTC Drops More Bling, Unveils The Touch Diamond2


HTC didn’t stop with the refresh of the Touch Pro.  Nope, they updated the Touch Diamond today, reaching new heights in naming convention with the Touch Diamond2!  So what’ve they done to improve the Touch Diamond?  For starters, they’ve added a larger screen, now 3.2-inch with a WVGA resolution and...


You Bring The Funnel, I’ll Bring The Booze ShotGun!


I can only imagine the social implications brought on by the Booze Shotgun. Forcefully serving only one ounce at a time, I don't understand why this is better than using your everyday pump action squirt gun. Any alcoholic will tell you that a 1-ounce shot of booze is...


Crap Gadget: Sponge Bob Flash Drive


It’s pretty disturbing how popular Sponge Bob Square Pants has become.  In fact, the show itself is pretty disturbing and includes jokes best suited for a 18 year old, not a 5 year old.  Rant aside, a company called Memorette will launch a Sponge Bob USB storage drive.  Based on...