Daily Archives: February 12, 2009


Apple App Store Lets You Write Your Own Stimulus Plan


The only code I know is that Contra code.  For the first time ever, solo programmers can achieve some staggering sales numbers through Apple’s App store which has already surpassed over 20,000 apps.  Ethan Nicholas wrote a tank game called iShoot, and now he makes around 37,000 dollars a day. ...


Sony’s New Movie/Game Disc To Save The PS3?


I have a PS3 but I don't buy PS3 games. I use it to watch Blu Ray movies from Netflix. Sony's latest last ditch effort is to utilize the large capacity of the Blu Ray Disc by combining a movie and a game on one disc. Sitting...


Alcatel Buys The Rights To Lego, Erects Phone


Immature, toy, retro - call it what you'd like, but just about everyone I know loves them some Lego and would probably jump at the chance to own this Lego inspired handset from Alcatel. Based on the pics it looks like you can switch out the keypad and faceplate...