Daily Archives: February 11, 2009


Blockbuster Total Access To Offer Video Game Rentals


Blockbuster's Total Access service will now feature video game rentals in addition to the current video lineup. It'll cost $5/month on top of the $19.99/month for 3 movies plan but you'll gain access to a huge library of games. The catch is......


Double Your Pleasure With The gScreen Laptop


The gScreen laptop is one of those laptops that justifies – scratch that, justifies a double take.  Pun aside, is this thing real?  Based on the one lone picture on their site, it appears as though the dueling 15.4-inch screens sit on top of one and other and slide in...

P1 Projector

AAXA P1 Pocket Projector: One Letter Away From Not Cool


I can't wait until talking s**t about Madden at a convenience store turns into a pigskin brawl on the quickiemart wall in the parking lot. Soon enough I hope. With all these mini projectors popping up everywhere, it's likely we'll soon see them in practice on the streets....


Umbrellas That Transform When They Get Wet


Let there be rain! Yup, that's something you don't hear most people saying unless of course they live in a drought infested part of the world. London design company, Squid London, produced just 100 of these umbrellas that transform when they get wet [...]...