Daily Archives: February 9, 2009


Game Review: Call Of Duty: World At War (PS3)


I am the type of gamer that is very selective when it comes to the games that I consider "quality." I am the majority when I say this. It's taken a while, but now developers and publishers have a good handle on what makes a game "Buy Worthy"...


Gadget Review: Z.Buds


Picking up a design honoree award at this year's CES, Z.Buds are for sure one step ahead of the game. Tailored for iPhone use and chalk full of more features than I've ever seen in a pair of earbuds, it's no wonder that their back ordered on Zagg's webiste....

Mino Flip Video

Gadget Review: Flip Video’s SD/HD Mino Camcorder


For some reason I'm always interested in companies that come out of nowhere to become hugely successful. From Vizio to Under Armour, their paths to success can be an inspiring story. If you have been in the market for a compact, yet affordable camcorder in the past two...

Robotic Twin

Your Robitic Twin, Because I’ve Always Wanted A Brother


Evil twins, parasitic twins, and now robotic twins! Now this is what shipping heir socialites buy for their friends as a joke. Even better for people named Chucky, this miniature you stands at just over a foot tall and only costs $2,215! Japanese company, Little Island, will...