Daily Archives: February 6, 2009


SkullCandy Gets Wood On New EarBuds


Skullcandy has really come up. Their stuff is everywhere now. They've made good capitalizing on the skater Mp3 counterculture with a fun logo and a variety of products. Their next step is these fine looking web exclusive wooden earbuds. A little more pricey than your average...


Gadget Leak: LG KM900 Touchscreen Wanna Be iPhone


It probably isn’t justifiable to call this pictured handset – officially called the KM900 – from LG ‘leaked’.  Why?  Because the company put this high rez image on their own blog to ‘tease’ us.  Fortunately, I scrapped up some other images, and based on the way the UI looks LG...

Halo Wars Demo Pic

Halo Wars Demo Out Today, Fanboys To Do Pants Laundry


Will this game be anything beyond a name recognition cash in? Today on the Xbox Live marketplace you can download Halo Wars, clocking in at a mean 1.4 Gb's, which seems big for a game like this. Anyhow, the two mission tutorial demo of the real time strategy...


Gadget Review: One True Media To Rule Them All


One True Media, or OTM, is an online service that allows you to easily create video and photo montages, and allows you to easily: post them on your favorite social networking website, email them, post them on YouTube, send them to a cell phone, make a public gallery, or burn...


Gadget Leak: Nokia E75


The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is second to none when it comes to mobile phone announcements.  And one that we should expect to be announced there is the Nokia E75.  Nothing has been made official by the number one cell phone manufacturer, but these leaked pics will more than...