Daily Archives: February 5, 2009


Gadget Leak: LG Neon (AT&T)


Looks like AT&T is getting a half assed touchscreen phone. Why the potty mouth. Well, the LG Neon's got a touchscreen, but only for dialing calls. Hidden beneath its 80s inspired color pallet is a full QWERTY keyboard [...]...


Fujifilm Launches 3 New Point & Shoots: F200EXR, A100 and A150


Fujifilm launched three new compact point and shoot cameras today: the F200EXR, A100 and A150.  The latter two are you standard point and shots, which feature 10 megapixel sensor, face detect, 3x optical zoom, image stabilization, QVGA video and your standard scene modes.  The difference between the two are their...

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