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YoGen Max: A Footpedal Pump That Powers Your Laptop


Stuck with with a massive layover (no, not hangover, but that would suck too) at the airport and a dead battery on your laptop is a painstaking experience.  You could be watching a movie, surfing the net or catching up on the latest episode of Gossip Girl.  ‘No longer’ says...


Sierra Nevada Beer To Power Cars


If anyone told me a few years ago that a beer company had plans of saving the Earth one frosty brew at a time I would’ve looked at them and laughed.  Sierra Nevada is the one laughing now.  The beer brewing company just bought an EFuel 100 MicroFueler, which can...


Grenade Alarm Clock Is A Great Gift For Veterans


Definitely not for sleeping in airports, this grenade alarm clock will just be plain fun in most any sleeping scenario. As the picture above states, give it a hurl and the alarm turns off. Made from a soft PVC, it just begs me to set up a GI...


iPhone Fimo Earrings To Help You Get Your Dangle On

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Look at how cute these are! Letting you know that people from Toronto show iPhone love too, artist Barb Feldman personally hand makes each pair from carefully slicing and layering fimo polymer clay. I didn't even think fimo was around these days. Thankfully it is, just don't...


Get Ready For Iron Man 2, The Video Game


Sega announced today, their collaboration with Marvel Entertainment to craft the next installment of the Iron Man video game series to that will coincide with the theatrical release of Iron Man 2 in 2010. As per always, the Iron Man 2 game will be on most platforms, and only...