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Homie Wants A Beer, Every Second Of Everyday


Everyone at some point in their meaningful existences has had some form of Simpson's gear, in one form or another. I had the Bart t-shirt that said "I'm Bart Simpson, Who The Hell Are You?" I was in middle school....


Gadget Leak: Samsung 2009 Handsets


Loose lips sink ships, and it this case it’s Samsung.  Okay, so leaked handsets won’t hurt the company, in fact it might help.  A total of 9 handsets that are set to be released in 2009 were leaked yesterday. Most of the phones are candybar or slider style, with one...


India Announces $20 Laptop, The Sakshat

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The blogosphere is a flutter with the story about India’s ultra cheap laptop.  I recall reading about it in Wired magazine many years ago, but then things went quiet.  Now, it looks like India’s government, who has largely funded the project called Sakshat, is releasing some details.  Storage, screen size...


Zumba Phone: An All Voice, No Button Cell Phone (video)


Take this one as you will, but I’m throwing a huge bucket of skepticism on this story.  A company (IA Technology) out of Hereford, UK is claiming that they’ve produced the first all voice controlled cell phone.  No dialing, no texting, no number pad.  The device itself looks wonky to...