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Clearly The G1 Glass Pool Table Is Over The Top (video)


To justify purchasing a pool table of this caliber, you’d have to be a ‘balls out’ snooker player.  Ok, so it’s far from practical, but what pool table is.  So how does it work?  Instead of using felt, and to maintain it’s translucent qualities, designer Craig Nottage utilized super tough...


Apple & Adobe To Make iPhone Flash Lovechild A Reality


As most of us should know, it takes Flash programming to bring many of our favorite websites to life. So it's no surprise to iPhone users, that right now, the iPhone doesn't support Flash in its Safari browser. That should soon change. Adobe, the creators of Flash,...


BT-1 Wireless Webcam And Why No One Will Buy It


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the bevel webcam – you know the one built-in to all Macbooks – was added such that you don’t have to carry around yet another piece of hardware from place to place.  Well, apparently the Ecamm Network ain’t buying this, because they’re set to...


Sony Ericsson Announces ‘Premier 3′ Music Phone

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Sony Ericsson just took the wraps of the Premier 3, a phone geared towards the music lover.  Aside from the usual – media player, 3-inch display (480×854), microSD card slot – the Premier 3 includes a remote control dongle that includes a headphone jack, mic and aux input for ripping...