Monthly Archives: February 2009


Toyota Saving Lives, Announces Pre-Crash Safety System


Toyota’s vehicles are about to get a whole lot safer thanks to their just announced Pre-crash Safety System.  Using radar, the system detects if the car is about to experience a front or rear end collision and appropriately applies additional precautionary measures to ‘mitigate’ and reduce injury. If the system...

Peep Show App

Apple Approves “Peep Show” App, Cartman Pissed


This just doesn't make sense to me. Apple rejects a South Park app due to potentially offensive material but lets "Peep Show" app through? According to the makers of the app, Blazing Lizard, Peep Show positions you in front of some partially viewable window at some dirtbag adult...


PPC Locking HDMI Cable (video)


I'm sure anyone using HDMI at this point has noticed that the connection on regular cables just isn't that secure. You'd think even expensive Monster Cable HDMI's would provide a little more security. PPC's new cable offering is a locking HDMI cable available at 3 lengths and promises...