Holy crap, Seagate is about to revolutionize the way we watch and consume (is that the same thing?) our media! You see, that’s what I’d be saying if the year were 1999. Seagate’s Free Agent Theater HD is nothing more than a watered down home media center that can play movies, music and photos on your living room tv. Sound like any other device to you? The only difference between this home media device and another is that it only accepts Seagate’s Free Agent Go HDDs in its dock and doesn’t stream Netflix (zing). Fortunately, they’ve got a few front loading USB ports, which as far as I can tell accepts any brand of drive (wink).

According to PCMag the device will go retail this March for $300 (500GB), $230 (250GB), and $130 (0GB).

Christen Costa

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