With very few quality releases looming on this winter’s horizon, it’s no shock that gamers are excited for Resident Evil 5.  Releasing on March 13th, Resident Evil 5 will sure to please fans of the long running series, while throwing some new surprises their way.

Featuring two short stages set in an African village, RE5 puts you directly in the thick of it.  It’s been a while since I played a RE title, but the core of the game has remained the same.  While in previous games, there was an emphasis on inventory and ammunition management, that is no longer the case.  There are plenty of bullets and herbs to be found, but there were also mass quantities of enemies to destroy.  The biggest thing I noticed about the demo is how the pacing had changed.  The zombies now have a little 28 Days Later in them as they were much faster on their feet, leaving you less time to figure out what to do.  To add to the already heightened tension, there’s now a real time inventory management system which makes the timing of your decisions that much more imperative.  Quite simply, the game does not pause when you want to change weapons, or use herbs.  Thankfully the inventory screen is transparent, otherwise you’d be blinded from being able to see the hordes of zombies rushing at you.  The other thing that was glaringly obvious is that you don’t move any faster.  It could get sort of disorienting sometimes when dealing with zombies in all directions.

Beyond these initial impressions, the graphics were amazing, the character models were giant, the cutscenes look fantastic, and the sound was atmospheric.  Add in the element on online co-op, and you get a new Resindent Evil title for current gen consoles.  I think once you get acclamated to the pacing and the control scheme, RE5 could very well be a totally engaging experience.

Jeff B