The Phillips Cinema 21:9 LCD HDTV boasts a world’s first 56″ screen with 21:9 aspect ratio. What does that mean? That, my big-screen movie loving friends, means you’ll experience a truly glorious widescreen presentation without the wasted black bars sitting on the top and bottom of your supposed “wide” screen.

You know, a realization just hit me. Here you are, sitting in front of your lovely Samsung 46″ widescreen, for which you paid an arm and a leg, only to discover that your favorite widescreen movie covers only 75% of the screen. “What the hell is this?!?”, you wonder. I paid for a Big Mac and all I get to eat is a quarter pounder??

So, yeah, screw you Phillips for ruining my perception forever. Please send a test unit to help me through this difficult time.

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