As a guitar player, I’ve always thought DJ’s got way more credit than they deserve.  Most of them are “No Talent Ass Clowns”, and I always hated hearing how some party was going to be cooler because there was going to be a DJ.  Oh, you mean there’s someone who’s going to be playing music?

With that said, Activision will be releasing DJ Hero sometime in 09′, according to CEO Bobby Kotick, and it will feature a Technic’s 1200 Turntable looking game controller.  From what I’ve heard, there will also be parts of the game where you can use the standard Guitar Hero guitar controller.  But will you need to use two turntables per person?  So 4 for a two player game?  Those details as well as other gameplay details have yet to emerge, but I’m sure there are people that are plenty excited about this game.  In my opinion, if it keeps “real” DJ’s away from parties, then I’m all for it.  What’s next you think?  Where’s the Keytar controller?  I just wanna chase the dragon!


Jeff B