With most games in the App Store being $10 or less, word around blog land is that Apple is going to create a “Premium Games Section” that will charge around $20 per game.  Now, while none of this information has been substantiated, Apple has been quoted somewhere saying that the iPhone/ iPod Touch are “Serious Gaming Consoles” and that they are the “Future of Gameplay”.  For whatever those quotes may entail, below I’ve created a short list of things I’d like to see if Apple really wants to step up its game.  Please comment and add your thoughts!

  • An add on game controller peripheral with one or two analog sticks.  If you’re gonna pay $20 a game, you’ll buy an add on controller.  iControlpad has one on the way.
  • Focus less on motion controls.  I’d rather play a game with responsive controls than having to move my iPhone all over the place.
  • More graphic adventure games like “Escape from Monkey Island” or anything from the Lucas Arts catalog.
  • Classic older games with 3rd party licensing.  Sega Master System, Genesis, NES 8-bit, Super Nintendo, TurboGraphx 16, Neo-Geo etc.


Jeff B