Gadget Review: ZaggPhones

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3 Comments to Gadget Review: ZaggPhones

  1. Jeff in Indiana

    I've found that the oval shape actually cradles my ear and contributes to greater overall comfort. The adapter was a nice touch too as many people are using these for both home stereo and with their ipods. The middle of the headband actually flexes to make them easier to put on your head. This is a great product for the money. They even have another in-ear model that has a mic for your iphone and their invisibleSHIELD products are out of this world!

  2. This is awesome, Jeff. Thanks for the review! I have heard from other ZAGGphones owners that they require about 50 hours of "burn-in" time and the sound tightens up. I have noticed on my own pair that the bass gets better with time. Just some information for you! Thanks again!

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