As we all know, there are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing an iPod speaker system, so here are two more:

The iPig is in fact a 5 speaker system (2 mid-range. 2 tweeters, and a sub-woofer) and includes an aux input jack, a fully functioning remote control, and a dock that fits any 30-pin iPod.

The iPig, in one word, sounds ‘awesome’. I’ve listened to a ton of these iPod dock speaker systems, and this is the best sounding. The speakers are small and you can hear how tightly packed they are in this little guy, but regardless they jam. I was super impressed with how banging this little pig is, and in retrospect I’d choose it over the multiple iHome devices I have strewn about my house. What makes the the iPig better than most speaker docks besides the sound, is the remote. It lets you access all of the iPod menu functions all the way back to the main menu, to changing artists or albums.

The one annoying thing I found about the iPig was that the volume could also be controlled by just touching the ears. Gimmicky cool sure, but if you want to adjust the iPod without the remote, there’s always a possibility that you you could inadvertently raise or lower the volume.

Thanks to the tweeters, the iPig is great for cutting through other house noise, and it sounded great in my bathroom. Beyond that, the iPig is a an excellent sounding speaker dock worthy of your attention if you can get by it’s pseudo demonic look, and the flashing neon green standby light


  • Superior Sound
  • Bad Ass Remote Functionality
  • Small in Size


  • Ears as volume buttons prove to be more problematic than useful
  • Not the best thing to wake up to after a nightmare
  • Could use basic function buttons on actual pig


Mstation 2.1 Stereo Orb is composed of 3 mid-range speakers, and one sub-woofer. It features multiple inputs (USB, Firewire, and headphone jack), a remote and an iPod dock.

So how does the Mstation sound? Pretty good. Not nearly as tight as the iPig, but not bad at all. The Mstation suffers a bit from ‘limited frequency spectrum syndrome’ (i.e muffled). But it can get very loud, which is cool for this type of speaker dock as it’s ‘presence’ can definately fill a room. Other than that it’s a pretty standard iPod speaker dock system. The remote is not as cool as the iPig’s, but it does feature basic control buttons on the Orb itself, which is convenient if you temporarily misplace it. As far as asthetic are concerned, it looks just like that Star Wars Jedi training ball that Luke uses in episode 4


  • Decent sound
  • Visually Attractive
  • Many scenario options via multiple inputs


  • Sound could be better
  • Remote could be more tech forward
  • Felt that covers speakers can get dirty quickly

Bottom Line

iPig all the way! The iPig is cheaper (depending on color) and sounds vastly better. Both have multiple color options, both are cool, but some may not like the demon pig because of the way it looks. My girlfiend was scared of it. Hot topic kids should love it, though.

You can buy the iPig for $129.99 here

Or buy the Mstation for $129.95 (in black) here

Jeff B