Originally I was going to post on how cool I thought the new content for Fallout 3 was.  If I could play it!  About 20 minutes into the new content, my Xbox crashed.  Three more times it crashed before I deleted the content and redownloaded it to no avail.  I googled it, and found some other sorry saps that had overseas language issues, and some fools that had PC downloading problems.  I only found less than a handful of people that were experiencing that same content “Fallout”, if you will, here in America.  Bethesda released a patch on January 13th to fix a variety of bugs in the game, and I can’t help but wonder if that has something to do with it?  Fix the other bugs while inadvertently creating others?  I emailed Bethesda, no response yet.  Anybody?  Bethesda?  Please comment!

Jeff B