CES: Mattel Barbie B-Nail Printer Hands On (video)

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16 Comments to CES: Mattel Barbie B-Nail Printer Hands On (video)

  1. I really want bad and @ Ruby I under stand that you were disapointed with your product but really if you bought it online most likely you got a replica that was just flat out crapy :[

  2. Both my daughter and I were very excited Santa (wink) to bring this Christmas morning. But we were VERY disappointed once we tried it out. The images are terrible NOTHING as displayed on the commericals or on the box. I tired over 20 of the designs and none came out good. I applied the top coat to my finished disaster. Washed the dishes later on in the day and the designs all washed off. I will be retruning this product. I 100% agree with Elise

  3. Elise sorry to disappoint U, but U must have had a fluke. I brought this for my 11 year old niece for xmas & I am now waiting on my own (@ 30 years old). This product is amazing (although setup time was rather rough). I have pictures on my nails and also Merry Christmas. The mistletoes are so clear & I have everyone at work raving over it. I believe U should have properly installed it, done the alignment, and then tested on ur nail. My niece had all of her nails completed and completely aligned in less than 10 mins ( give or take a few)… & guess what? It looked as if she went to the nail salon. She didnt like the white polish on her nails too much, so she added the pre-coat, then design, lastly top coat, they came out beutiful!! I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. UM elsie you need to be quite if you do not like the product than keep your mouth shut there is somthing you can do though you can take it back and move on with your life this product is for TWEENS stop trying to be a kid again let’s hear your daughters reveiw sighned FED UP

  5. Actually, from what I’ve heard it is pretty good. If you look up close at the nail the image isnt very good but from a foot or two away or however close people can look at your nail without getting into your personal space zone, it looks really good. It might pinch a little bit when it prints and you have to put on a white colored base coat that comes with the product because it cant print white but it is really good. Even if it cant print a picture big enough to cover your whole nail because it is for little girls not adults, you can center the image so that there will be the image in the center and white covering the parts of your nail where it couldn’t print. Stop saying it is bad, you are the only person who thinks that and if you don’t like it just get a refund on it. It might not be the BEST ever, but they are the first company to make it for younger girls so it will probably be a big hit this Christmas.

  6. As a parent I wasnt sold on the $149.99 item that my daughter went crazy over until I went into Toys R Us. They was giving a demo on this and I had it done so I can see and it was actually rather cool. Crystal clear pics on nails and you can even adjust the size to the nail size. Too bad the store only had rainchecks…out of stock, but at least I will be saving $30.

  7. Grow up anon. What kind of parent would buy a child a $180 “toy” if their child would be happy with a macaroni necklace? Buy a $40 A&F hoodie if she’s too old for macaroni, and put the rest of the money in a college savings account. Be a parent!!!!

  8. Elise…you have posted a response on EVERY website that even mentions this product!! Seriously…JUST TAKE IT BACK if you dislike it that much!! I got tired of reading your post so maybe you did take it back. But really, everyone buys something that they aren’t happy with. That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE will not like it and I have read some great responses to this product…I have even watched videos of it in action and it seems really cool for a “tween”. It isn’t made for adults, it is BARBIE…for CHILDREN…that probably DO like macaroni necklaces!!!!

    They have it on sale at TRU right now for $30 off…FREE SHIPPING TOO!!!

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