Daily Archives: January 22, 2009


i-Limb: The Real Deal, Bionic Arm (video)


I think there is one phrase to describe the i-Limb: OFF THE CHIZAIN!  Hit the vid for the complete scoop, but I’ve never seen a bionic limb with so much dexterity.  Evan Reynolds, who was the recipient of the device, is able to pick up an egg and even write...


iPhone App: Track Your Carbon Footprint With Carbon Tracker


In the beginning of October 2008, we saw a Blackberry app (Carbon Diem) that tracks your carbon footprint based on GPS data.  Today, Clear Standards’ just released their version for the iPhone, the Carbon Tracker app.  Without looking too deeply into the technical parameters I’m assuming it, too, deduces carbon...


Shoot Photos Like A Professional With The Ray Flash


I’m no professional photographer, but the Ray Flash looks like one tasty piece of gear for anyone attending red carpet laden, celeb infested parties.  It works by attaching to a compatible hot shoe mounted flash, and redistributes its light in an even manner using ‘mirrors and internal light shapers’.  Best...


Gadget Review: Vibram 5 Fingers Flow BareFoot Shoes


Can shoes be gadgets? While I know it's probably not worth debating, I have a penchant for wanting to review cutting edge consumer trends. Vibram 5 Fingers is for certain a benchmark in shoe technology, and fully deserves the attention of Gadget Review, as well as yourself!...


Boxee Media Box In The Works?

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After being approached by several companies at CES, Boxee is considering embedding their excellent media software into a dedicated, standalone media box....


Is This Windows Mobile 6.5? (video)


I’m sure it’s an understatement to say that ‘many of you have been waiting for a new and improved (at least refreshed) Window’s Mobile OS’. Well, apparently it will launch Q3 of ’09. But as Gizmodo points out, it’s more realistic to expect it in Q4 since many of the...


Riiflex Dumbell System For Wii


Riiflex is coming out with a dumbell system for the Wii. Available in 2lb or 5lb models, the Riiflex attaches to the Wiimote and allows access to all functions...with some added weight....

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