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Confirmed: Skype iPhone App


According to a Denver Post article, Skype is close to releasing an official iPhone application that will enable VoIP calls.  A few months ago Fring was released, but after some testing I found the app’s VoIP capabilities to be laggy, to say the least.  Unfortunately, Skype hasn’t indicated when the...


Harpsichord + Chair = $7,000 Vibrating Massage Chair


I’ve heard of relaxing to music, but relaxing in the vibrations of music, seriously?  For a mere $7,000, you can sooth your weary muscles courtesy of Medieval Scandinavian cradle technology.  Say what! Incorporated in the back of the chair is what appears to be a complete harpsichord. A strum of...


Gadget Leak: Motorola EM326g and MOTOROKR S7-HD


As with most Motorola products there's nothing ground breaking about the EM326g and MOTOROKR S7-HD. The EM326g is a slider phone with a 1.3MP camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot, stereo Bluetooth, music keys and looks destined for Net10. The MOTOROKR S7-HD looks to be a Bluetooth headphone....


MSI Intros Dual Core Mini System, The Netop D130

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Finished in the styling sof what MSI calls ‘Nordic Simple Style – I think they are trying to go Ikea simple – the Wind NetTop D130 harnesses the appearance of a bare bones PC, but includes a tiny bit more.  Under the hood is an Intel Atom 330 dual-core processor,...


eCoupled Wireless Power Looks Legit (video)


We’ve already seen wireless charging from PowerMat. Now along comes a competitor and from what little I can garner from their site and videos, they’re essentially offering the same thing. Unlike the PowerMat, Ecoupled appears to be destined for custom installs (homes), commercial applications (work benches) and those in public...