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Sony Officially Unveils P Series 8-inch Netbook

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We first saw the Sony P series Netbook when it hit the FCC’s website.  Today, the company has come clean with all the details we’ve been aching for.  So what are we looking at?  First off, the computer netbook is officially called the VGN-P598E/Q.  It boasts a pretty robust feature...


Sony Xperia 1 Now Available For Purchase, Costs $800


Still looking for that perfect smartphone?  Well, to be honest, I only have one answer: the iPhone.  But if you can’t stand Apple you might wanna check out Sony’s Xperia 1, which is now available on Sony’s US shopping site for a wallet numbing $800.  Best Buy is also set...


Say Hello To A Linux Netbook, The Gdium Liberty


Another day another Netbook.  Emtec Electronics officially unveiled their Gdium Liberty Netbook today. What sets it apart from the rest of the pact is a Linux OS, the absence of a hard drive and what the manufacturer is calling an ‘extended or full sized keyboard’. Taking the place of the...


Will The Real Hello Kitty Cell Phone Please Ring?


Cute and pink? Who wouldn't want one! According to our tipster this is the 'official' Hello Kitty phone, and considering the shape and copious amounts of cuteness I'd have to agree. Further convincing Japanese school girls to pick one of these up is an included carrying case,...


Photo Geo Tagging Made Easy: The ATP GPS Photofinder


The challenge with digital photography is labeling your photos.  Geo tagging is an ideal solution, but too often do the cameras require a proprietary add on.  Not with the ATP GPS PhotoFinder.  It works with any camera.  Just sync the time on the camera with the ATP GPS PhotoFinder, shoot...