Daily Archives: January 6, 2009


Logitech Refreshes The Harmony 1000, Calls It The 1100


Logitech updated their Harmony 1000 remote today. The new version, the 1100, takes on a black anodize exterior and allows the user to customize the 3.5-inch touchscreen contents (add or remove buttons). As with the 1000, the 1100 includes a charging station, RF capabilities and can be setup and programmed...


Eos Wireless Sets Your iPod Free With Eos Converge


EOS Wireless has joined the ranks in what is quickly becoming a long line of wireless products geared at Apple/iPod/iPhone users.  Much like Audioengine’s W1 and W2 wireless audio solutions, the Eos Converge turns any Mac (or computer) or iPhone/iPod into a wireless audio system.  Just plug the transmitter in...


Swann’s ADW-330 FamilyCam Is A Baby Monitor On ‘Roids


It’s called the ADW-330 FamilyCam, but we all know that’s a euphemism for ‘spycam’. In any case, the ADW-330 FamilyCam is a baby monitor on steroids. The package deal sends digital encrypted video (i.e. no one can intercept) from the swivel camera to the handheld LCD monitor. Range of the...