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H4 Handy Recorder: A Bootlegger’s Wet Dream


By no means would I promote recording concerts, but the H4 Handy Digital Recorder is like a boot leggers’ dream come true.  The digital recorder captures audio at 24-bit/96 kHz or up to 320Kbps in MP3 format.  Additionally it features two studio-quality electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern...


Lenovo Launches Their First All-In-One Desktop Computer, The A600, Includes VoIP Remote/Mouse


Lenovo introduced its first ‘all-in-one’ desktop computer today, the IdeaCentre A600.  For the entertainment enthusiast there’s a 21.5-inch (1920×1080) LCD, speakers with integrated subwoofer, Blu-ray player, digital TV tuner and optional 4-in-1 remote (more about this later).  Under the hood is an Intel Core2 Duo processors, optional ATI Radeon graphics...


Lenovo W700ds Gets Priced And Released

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It's not even Monday here in the West Coast and we've already got some breaking news. Lenovo's W700ds - the laptop with a hidden 10.6-inch secondary display and Wacom tablet - is now available starting at $3,663. Ok, so it isn't officially live on Lenovo's website just...

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