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Gadget Leak: Samsung R470 Clamshell Phone


Samsung’s latest phone to hit the US, the R470, showed up on the FCC’s site this week.  There’s nothing too head spinning about the handset, but those looking for a relatively simple flip phone will enjoy its clamshell design, large keypad, and external display with stereo speakers.  BGR thinks it...


Car MP4 Player Is Odd And Simple


On the island of Dr. Moreau they combined monkeys with other animals to produce the oddest of creatures.  Chinavision is apparently doing the same, but with electronics.  The Plug-In Car MP4 Player with LCD Display is an all in one device that plugs directly into your cigarette lighter and plays...


Gadget Review: Grizzly Xtreme Ruggedized Keyboard

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Most computers are designed to work in the relative benign setting of an office. However, sometimes you need a computer outside or in a harsh environment such as a factory assembly line or warehouse. With the possibility of dust and liquids flying everywhere, the ordinary keyboards would jam up with...