Daily Archives: January 2, 2009


Xbox 360 Steering Wheel In A Suzuki


Ahh, sweet shameless promotion.  Suzuki, which has clearly used one of its concept vehicles to achieve this PR stunt, outfitted a vehicle in all things Xbox 360 for an Ohio State video game tourney.  I really appreciate the controller in the steering wheel with the yet to be removed ‘power...


Nokia Intros Another Touchscreen Phone, The 6208C

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Looks like Nokia is set to introduce a new touchscreen handset, the 6208c. Apparently, the 'c' stands for China, which is where the phone will be issued initially. A relatively large sized stylus snaps into the back of the phone and other features include 8GB of flash storage...


Vent-Miser: A Robotic Venting System


Talk about useless gadgets.  The Vent-miser is a robotic vent that can be programmed to open and close at select times.  It’s designed for folks without zone heating or cooling in their home, but honestly, at the end of the day those purchasing this device live in small apartments that...


Swann PenCam DVR Records Nefarious Activities On The DL


Corporate espionage is probably pretty low on the totem poll of most executives, but yes, there are sleuths out there hired specifically to perform this sort of activity.  Given the slumping economy and the need to make more money, you probably don’t wanna outsource for this sort of clandestine operation. ...