Do you secretly yearn to have an entire orchestra in your living room that you can listen while in your pajamas? Now nothing can stand in the way of your dream with the new the eGear Wii Music Pack.

The eGear WiiiMusic Pack can be as versatile as you desire. Your wish is its command, as the old genies in bottles used to say. For the price of $30, your dreams of listening to Stars and Stripes Forever or Rhapsody in Blue are all sort of possible with the WiiMusic Pack from eGear. The Wilmote can be use alone if you feel so inclined, but let’s face it. That’s not much fun. If you feel like really rocking, you need cheap plastic in the shape of a violin, a saxophone and a pair of drumsticks. (You probably could also use Chuck Berry but he’s elsewhere, these days.)

The eGear WiiMusic Pack includes all three instrument attachments and the drumstick, being a practical fellow, doubles as a conductor’s baton. All in all, there are 56 pieces to go in order to be a full Wii Music symphony orchestra, but it is a start, and it will bring hours of fun to you and your family.

Get a WiiMusic pack from eGear today!