intel core i7 overclocked

The Intel Core i7 was overclocked to a mind-numbing 5510.09 MHz by a Japanese enthusiast known as the “duck”. Yup, this was the same guy that overclocked a P4 631 CPU to a staggering, shut-the-hell-up 8180.4 MHz. Talk about el pato loco.

To give you some perspective, the fastest Core i7 runs at a default 3.20GHz or 3200 MHz so you can imagine the performance increase realized by an overclocked “GodzillaCore”.

For more details check out the press release:

World Record for Core i7 CPU Frequency Broken at 5510.09MHz!

ASUS ROG Rampage II Extreme Smashes World Record in
CPU Frequency on Latest Intel Platform

Fremont, California (December 2nd, 2008) – The release of the Intel® Core™ i7 has set the overclocking arena abuzz with excitement in anticipation of new world records. Armed with the ASUS ROG Rampage II Extreme motherboard that supports the newest Intel platform, the Japanese overclocking enthusiast duck smashed to the top of the overclocking charts and notched in a world record for Core i7 CPU frequencies. Recording an exceptional score of 5510.09 MHz, duck clearly laid down the gauntlet for future challengers to the throne. A CPU overclocking veteran, duck still holds the world’s highest frequency for overclocking a Pentium 4 631 CPU to a staggering 8180.4MHz last year.

The new world record was in no small part thanks to the overclocking-oriented features found on the new Rampage II Extreme motherboard. TweakIt, an easy-to-use joystick-like control on the motherboard, enables overclockers to make real-time changes to their systems’ core frequency, voltage and other parameters—even while the benchmark utility is running. At no point does software come into play, as the tweaking is completely hardware-based. With hassle-free tweaking, coupled with real-time LCD poster information such as system frequency, users can implement on-the-fly modifications during CPU tests for extraordinary benchmark scores.

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