These new truly wireless and bandless earbuds from Sennheiser are presently only available for the Japanese market. There are no loops of plastic connecting buds between the ears, no matter how hard you may search for them, but the real question is: Should they be viewed seriously or no?

Each Sennheiser earbud comes equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver built into it, and Sennheiser puts its name and reputation behind the promise of 10 hours per charge with no compromise to wireless fidelity. Considering the cost of $630, that promise seems among only one of a few that should be delivered. Wires do offer one advantage; a cord from your iPod makes it almost impossible to lose your ear buds (unless of course, you lose your ears, which represents a whole other problem entirely).

Sennheiser’s “twist-to-fit” design keeps the earbuds lodged firmly in the ears. Up to two people (four earbuds) can listen wirelessly to the same transmitter. The company boasts that these earbuds will help to set a new standard in wireless audio sound.

If you are wondering where the cosmos of wireless headphone technology is headed, check out these earbuds from Sennheiser…if you can afford to, that is.