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The Radio Flyer Wagon, Yes The Red One, Gets A Serious Update


When you hear ‘Radio Flyer wagon’ the last thing you think of is an MP3 player, temperature control or touchscreen.  But for the ultra spoiled and opulently lifestyled children the aforementioned nostalgic experience might not be too far away.  Radio Flyer has refreshed their classic red wagon for a toy...

cell phone brain tumor

New Study Indicates Cell Phone Use Is A Cancer Risk

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A new study by Interphone researchers indicates that cell phone use may increase the risk of cancer. Unlike the inconclusive tests of yesteryear, the new study by Interphone is much more thorough in scope, drawing upon a pool of results gathered from 6,400 tumors from patients in 13 different countries....


Sprint Launches All-In-One 3G/4G USB Dongle, The U300


WiMax may have officially launched but its far from ubiquitous. Still, though, you don’t wanna miss out on the opportunity to experience blazing fast wireless speeds virtually anywhere you go on your laptop. So what do you go with hardware wise? Sprint’s latest USB broadband dongle, the U300, is the...


LG Launches Sunlight Powered LCD Display


LG just got a whole lot greener today with the introduction of their sunlight illuminated LCD.  Standard notebook LCDs use LED or fluorescent backlighting, which tends to consume large amounts of power, especially if your running on batteries only.  The LG sunlight display on the other hand can use the...