cell phone brain tumor

A new study by Interphone researchers indicates that cell phone use may increase the risk of cancer. Unlike the inconclusive tests of yesteryear, the new study by Interphone is much more thorough in scope, drawing upon a pool of results gathered from 6,400 tumors from patients in 13 different countries.

Preliminary results indicate that regular cell phone users are 50% more likely than non-users to develop brain tumors. Furthermore, people who have used cell phones for more than a decade are 40% more likely to develop a tumor. Those under 10 years aren’t at a discernible risk.

Believe it or not that’s not the scary part. The thing that caused me to flinch was their definition of “regular” cell phone use, which is one call per week. Now, I consider myself an under average cell phone user but I still use it several times a day. Could it be that they’re grossly underestimating the risk?

Remember folks, as disturbing as it may seem, this is only one study. We’ll have to wait for further results.

[Popular Science via Gizmodo]