It’s no coincidence that the release of these three new Snoopy items from Kokuyo is slated for December 22. Just in time for Christmas and sliding down many chimneys and other available openings are the new Snoopy Mouse, Snoopy Mouse Pad and Four Port US Hub.

Peanuts fans definitely have something new to buy this holiday season. Kokuyo has just unveiled the Snoopy four-port USB hub, which measures 80×40×17.5m, and is available in two colors. The Hub features Snoopy and his pal, Woodstock. The Snoopy Mouse comes with an optical 800 dpi resolution and is only available in blue. It stars Snoopy dozing away.

The Snoopy Mouse Pad is pink and very cute. Ergonomically designed, the surface on the back is smooth and rubbery, which prevents it from slipping all over the desk. Its most interesting feature is the squishy gel pad on the bottom, which provides significant comfort for wrists. The Mouse Pad is available from online retailers such as Amazon for 16.99, the Mouse for $16.50, t and he US Port is about $25.00.

If you are a Peanuts fan, get your red-hots now!

Well, almost now. You will have to wait until December 22, but at least you can get in line!