Pocket projectors are plentiful on the market today and Acer is the newest company to add one more to the ever-growing pool. The K10 is a bit more box-shaped than the Optoma Pico and the Toshiba pocket projector, and is expected to be released some time in January.

The K10 has the same display technology as its main two competitors, Toshiba and Optomo Pico and it weighs 1.2 pounds. Some of its competitors are even smaller than that, it is true, but in several ways the K10 is a cut above the others. Its 1000:1 contrast radio as well as its SVGA projector (800 x 600) is one of the highest resolutions found in the pocket projector category. Also, the K10 doesn’t have any composite connections and comes instead with an s-video and a VGA connection

It is not known if the K10 has an internal battery, but it can be powered by connecting it to your laptop or PC, instead of using a power cord. The K10 uses an LED as a lamp source that provides both low energy consumption and an estimated 20000 -hour lamp life.

Acer has announced to retail this projector for a price of about $443 US dollars.
Should you get one?

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