Daily Archives: December 30, 2008


Brando Wireless Keypad With A Built-in Trackball


If you're an accountant, or of the number crunching type, a laptop's keyboard probably isn't ideal. A hence why you'd want Brando's Wireless USB Keypad. Not only does it feature a complete numeric keypad, but includes short cut buttons for media and a trackball that virtually replaces your...


Nixon Tetris Watch


Watch games may have met their end thanks to the advent of the smartphone, but nothing will beat nostalgia. The Nixon watch, which may or may not be conceptual, plays Tetris, Pong and displays the TV color system....


Gadget Review: Mophie iPhone 3G Juice Pack


Appleā€™s latest 3G iPhone has dominated the smartphone market with good reason. Its touch screen makes using the phone a joy and its storage and audio capacity makes it an excellent music player. Probably the weakest link of the iPhone is its relatively limited battery life. Unless you only use...

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