Daily Archives: December 29, 2008


Gadget Rumor: Apple Home Server


What kind of Macworld 2009 would it be with out the prebuzz rumors circling the Net.  Today, 9to5Mac – which mind you have managed to nab some pretty significant scoops – reported today that they’ve ‘heard’ that Apple is set to release an updated TimeMachine platform.  It’ll be more along...


HP Mini Running Apple’s OS X (video)


Still can't make the switch to a Macbook and looking to hop on the Netbook bandwagon (God knows why you'd want to)? No prob. Just hack your HP Mini 700 (the EU version of the HP Mini 1000) to run OS X. Everything is in working order...


The LG W2486L LED BLU LCD Is Razor Thin


OLED may be all the buzz for CES ’09, but there’s no reason to completely abandon good old fashioned LCDs.  Case in point is LG’s latest monitor, the 24-inch W2486L LED BLU.  It boasts a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, auto brightness control, 2ms response time and consumes about 50% less juice...


Gadget Leak: Samsung 2009 HDTV Lineup


Samsung is set to unveil their latest 2009 HDTVs during CES 2009. 2009 models include a new 3-series, three new 4-series, two new 5-series, four new 6-series, and a new 7 series 7U model....


Nokia Gives The Midus Touch To The Arte 8800 Phone


Nokia is no stranger to updating prexisting phones.  Just look at their line of Vertu phones and you’ll see what I mean.  Adding to the mix is the latest iteration of their 8800 phone, the Gold Arte.  It’s clad in 18k gold and finished with white leather on the front...

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