2009 Optibike OB1: Revolutionary Golden Mountain Bike

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2 Comments to 2009 Optibike OB1: Revolutionary Golden Mountain Bike

  1. Wow, this is (IMHO) an amazing waste of intellectual effort. To design a bike
    which has you out in the weather but either:

    1) Denies you the exercise of riding
    2) Has you pulling the load of a motor and battery

    seems to fit a nearly void market niche. And at $ 13,000, the niche
    shrinks even more. I paid, after rebates and other credits, only slightly more ($14,700)
    for a new Prius (Great state and fed rebates and strong negotiating). After converting the Prius to PLUG IN I am at less than twice this …
    and it will carry a pedal mountain bike in the back … which I can get out and ride
    when I want to pedal….without having to drag the weight of the motor and battery.

    The good news is that I can be out of the weather! And I
    can be on Electric Drive for 30 miles. And, if needed I can use gas and drive along

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