Daily Archives: December 19, 2008


The World’s Cheapest E-Reader: The Foxit eSlick


A no namer called Foxit plans to introduce an e-reader next year that will undercut the competition by $130.  Called the eSlick, it measures just .4-inches thick, includes a 2GB SD card (accepts up to 4GB SD cards) and MP3 player.  It’s OS is of a Linux flavor, which has...


Gadget Leak: Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop, W700ds


So the inherent problem with any laptop is screen real estate. There just isn't enough to properly traverse the ever expanding Internet or wide range of applications, such as Photoshop that call for an endless array of windows. Lenovo's latest, the W700ds remedies this quandary with a secondary...


Parrot By Philippe Starck Zikmu iPod Wireless Speakers


For $1,500, the Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu speakers better sound friggin' awesome. Perched atop one speaker is the quintessential iPod dock while Bluetooth connectivity relays music to the other. You'll need to plug them into an AC outlet, but with 360 degrees of sound dispersion you'll achieve...


Wazabee Enables 3D On The iPhone And Macbook


3D pics are coming to an iPhone near you. How so?  The Wazabee 3DeeShell.  Complicated spellings aside, the 3DeeShell is an iPhone case that also covers the iPhone’s (or iPod Touch) screen and enables 3D viewing. Although it won’t magically turn any image, or movie into 3D, Wazabee will be...


AOC’s Latest LCD Monitors: 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22


AOC, the display maker, is getting up in the gaming market with a new line of gamer certified displays.  Today, they announced 3 monitors – the 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22 – that all sport a 22-inch display, a 2ms response time and variable contrast ratios.  The V22 is the flagship...


Gadget Rumor: Samsung Android Phone


According to reports, Samsung will be releasing an Android phone in the second quarter of 2009. Released through Sprint Nextel and T-mobile, the phone will supposedly be similar to the Samsung Instinct and Omnia models; meaning it'll have a large touchscreen, a plethora of multimedia features, etc, etc....

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