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Gadget Review: Smart Pod Camera Mount (video)

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Almost everyone has access to a digital camera or video camcorder. While most people just take pictures by holding their camera with one or two hands, more serious photographers rely on tripods. Unfortunately, tripods can be clumsy to carry and useless in certain situations. If you want to take a...


Metal Gear Solid Getting Ported To The iPhone


Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Apple app store as Metal Gear Solid Touch.  It looks to primarily be a shooter and for every stage completed you’ll be awarded with videos, wallpapers and a Snake Blisken firm slap on the back.  Based on the loose translation it sounds...


Antler Socket Cell Phone Holder


I can't tell you how many times I've seen my girlfriend place her phone on the floor to charge. I'm confident she'll step on it any day now, unless of course I get her one of these. Ok, so the antler part leaves something to be desired, but it...


Gadget Leak: Walmart iPhone Price & Release Date


Starting as soon as 12/17 Walmart will begin to sell the Apple iPhone..to its employees only.  It’s actually a ‘pilot program’, where a total of 488 of the Sam Walton retailers will each receive 5 iPhones to sell.  Corporate makes it sound like if they don’t sell all 5 then...


Gadget Review: Lumisource Boomchair Shark Gaming Chair


It’s pretty funny to see people’s reactions when they come face to face with the LumiSource Boomchair Shark gaming chair. Non-gamers immediately exclaim, “Wow, is that some sort of fancy schmancy massage chair!?”; gamers mutter in envious disdain, “You geek, I can’t believe you actually spent money on THAT! Can...