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Motorola Runs The Faucet, Leaks i9 Flip Phone


Motorola has slipped out some pics of the soon to be released i9. There's really not much to ogle here, but it'll probably be a winner with Moms, Dads and the less tech savvy who want a semi-slick flip phone with some of the features found in higher end...


Anti-Snore Pillow Or Just Crap Gadget? (video)


What I’d pay to look as pleased as that chick in the morning.  I guess I could, or attempt to by purchasing this here anti-snore pillow.  It works by detecting the users snoring and sends ever so slight tremors through the memory foam material interrupting their snoring.  I can’t help...


Gadget Rumor: Casio Set To Release 8MP Camera Phone In US


Remember Casio’s 8 megapixel camera phone, the W63CA?  A US version of the handset, called the Exilim NX-9250, might be coming state side according to a recent FCC filing.  Actual megapixels aren’t detailed in the filing, but since it includes ‘Exilim’ in the name, it’s probably a safe to say...


Fallout 3 Xbox 360/PC Only DLC Will Be Awesome!


Despite Sony’s dominance on so many consumer electronic platforms, they can’t seem to get a handle on what to do with their PS3. No DLC for GTA 4 and Fallout 3? Games still for the most part look and run better on an Xbox rather than a PS3, even though...


Gadget Rumor: The New Mac Mini


According to reports, a new Mac Mini will be announced on January 5, 2009 at Macworld 2009. This popular little desktop hasn't been refreshed since August 2007 so it's definitely due for an upgrade...


GTA 4 DLC “Official Trailer” for Xbox 360


If you are like me, and haven’t finished GTA 4 yet, you’d better get on it. Well OK, you’ve got two months, but since this has been one of the best gaming holiday seasons in several years, we’ll see how far that gets you. February 19th will see the release...


Sega Genesis Bag

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I'm not saying I'd buy this bag, let alone carry around this type of bag, but it's a trip down memory lane. Besides, who can knock the Sega Genesis, which I remind you came with 'Altered Beast', the most badass game of its time....