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United Keys Intros OLED Customizable Keyboard

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Customization is good, right?  United Keys thinks so, and they want to offer you the opportunity to customize your own keyboard, well at least part of your keyboard.   The keyboard is pretty standard with the exception of 9 keys that are in fact mini OLED screens that can be programmed...


Google Releases Chrome 1.0, Out Of Beta


Google released the final version of their Chrome 1.0 Windows browser. Not much has changed since the first release besides a few bug fixes, new bookmark manager, and improved plugin support....


Mercedes Splitview COMAND System: One Screen, Two Images


Mercedes Benz is set to introduce a new LCD screen system that allows two separate images to be viewed from one monitor depending on orientation.  Called the SplitView COMAND system, it utilizes an 8-inch display fitted in the center of the dash and achieves two different images simultaneously by placing...


U Tag: Medical Dog Tag With A Built-in Flash Drive

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Bracelets or necklaces with listed medical allergies are nothing new. But too often the information is limited, especially if the person wearing it is incapacitated. A former British SAS soldier, who used to sew a USB flash drive containing his info into clothing while in Afghanistan, has taken the idea...


Stamp Out Global Warming With The Power Generating Floor


Yesterday we saw the power generating rotating door.  Today, we’ve got the perfect suitor: the power generating floor.  Combine the two and it’s a match made in renewable energy heaven.  The contraption you’re looking at – it’s actually called Piezoelectric flooring – has been implemented at East Japan’s Railway Company...


Sony Unveils Solar Lamps Shades


Using something called ‘dye-sensitized solar cells’, Sony’s latest prototype material captures the light’s energy and recycles it for later use.  In theory the material is probably translucent enough to be attached to a lamp shade, which in turn means redundant recycling – it would partially power itself.  Apparently, dye-sensitized solar...