Daily Archives: December 10, 2008


HP To Offer The Sonata Battery In Laptops, Holds Charge For 3 Years


HP is to offer the Sonata battery (re-branded as the HP Enviro battery) in their 2009 laptops. Developed by Boston-Power, the Sonata battery can sustain 1,000 charges before degrading in capacity. Combined with HP's 3 year warranty, the new battery, in effect, will last throughout the lifetime of a business...


It’s Official: Playstation Home To Launch This Month


Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed the rumors that Playstation Home will be launching later this month. Playstation Home, Sony’s answer to Xbox Live, features a graphical virtual world where users can own a customizable apartment, play casual games with others, shop for products, and eventually access online media content. It’s...

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