Daily Archives: December 9, 2008


DirecTV Officially Cancels The HDCP-20


Bated breaths no more. 3 years in development and with nothing to show DirecTV has canceled the HDPC-20, a tuner that was designed to integrate the satellite service with Windows Media Center. As stated by a company spokespersons:...


Flashing Dry Erase Memo Board


In today’s technology focused World, if it’s not beeping or arriving in an inbox most people will ignore it.  Merging some of the old with a bit of the new is the Flashing Dry Erase Memo board.  Just write your message and flip the ‘on’ switch and watch the memo...


A BMW M3 Is More Green Than A Prius (video)


Before you scream poppycock, hit the video and watch how Top Gear came to this conclusion. What I truly find interesting, and assuming it's true, is the that the Prius isn't all that green when it comes to the batteries they use - they get shipped all over the...

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