Daily Archives: December 7, 2008


DVR-BF2000: Mitsubishi’s DVR With Built-in Blu-ray Burner


Mitsubishi just released their DVR-BF2000, a DVR capable of burning recorded content directly to Blu-ray or DVD. It features a 500GB hard drive, dual tuners, SD card slot, and the ability to automatically edit out commercials. Unfortunately, it's tuner supports Japan's BS/110CS digital and analog broadcast systems, so...


Unwire Your iPod With The Audioengine AW2


Hold on to your hat, because Audioengine is about to knock it off with the AW2.  The just released, handy little device plugs directly into your iPod (should work with the iPhone but you might experience some GSM annoyance), is powered by the dock connection and wirelessly transmits CD quality...