Daily Archives: December 4, 2008


Crap Gadget: Sharper Image Sound Bag


Wondering what Sharper Image did with all that Gift Card money?  Invested it in crap gadgets to sell to unsuspecting holiday shoppers of course.  Today, the bankrupt company announced their Sound Bag Backpack.  It’s your run of the mill bag, but features a built-in fabric speaker that runs on 3...


BluTiger: Speakers With Built-in LED Screen

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Feeling the pressure from the economic crisis, clearly Blutiger had to find a way to sell their speakers. So what did they do? Stuff a pair of LED screens into a pair of speakers that reflect the emitted sound's frequencies in the form of 'Two ten band real-time...


NewerTech Voyager: First Quad Interface Docking Station


Is the world ready for the first “quad interface” SATA I/II Hard Drive Docking Station from Newer Technology, Inc? The NewerTech Voyager transforms any 2.5" or 3.5" Serial ATA (SATA) I/II hard drive up to 2.0TB into a fully bootable and hot-swappable external drive solution....


Acer Announces K10 Pocket Projector: Special or No?


Pocket projectors are plentiful on the market today and Acer is the newest company to add one more to the ever-growing pool. The K10 is a bit more box-shaped than the Optoma Pico and the Toshiba pocket projector, and is expected to be released some time in January....