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Sony Xperia Panels UI On An HTC Touch HD

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No need to adjust your monitor (or glasses). What you're looking at is Sony Ericsson's 'Panels' hacked onto the HTC Touch HD. Unfortunately, the hack only allows for Panels in the start menu and opening it up is a bit laggy according to its author, but other than...


Nokia Launches The Home Music, A WiFi Internet Radio


To compliment the launch of Nokia’s latest handset, the N97, Nokia also announced the Home Music, a WiFi enabled Internet radio.  By all accounts the specs are a little underwhelming, but those looking for the convenience of on demand music will enjoy its endless suite of connectivity options (802.11b/g, UPnP...


Nikon Makes The GP-1 GeoTagging Add-On Available For Purchase


Nikon’s hot-shoe geotagging device, the GP-1, has finally gone on sale.  It’s pretty bare bones looking aside from the 2 LED lights, which indicate the following: Red blinking (GPS data not recorded), Green blinking (GPS data recorded utilizing three satellites), and Green solid(Four or more satellites detected, GPS data are...


Samsung Intros 80-inch Touchscreen LCD: 820TSn


Samsung introduced 4 new large flat panel touchscreen displays, yesterday. The TSn series of displays come in 40, 46, 70 and 80-inch sizes. What's makes them unique is that they're embedded with an AMD dual-core based computer running Windows XP, along with WiFi, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and...