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Gadget Review: Audioengine W2 Wireless iPod Audio Solution

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Earlier this year Audio Engine introduced their first wireless audio solution, the W1. Although the W1 worked flawlessly, it left the iPod crowd salivating for a wireless solution for their coveted MP3 player. Heeding the calls of numerous iPod owners, Audioengine finally released an iPod dockable product: the W2....


Road Mice: Computer Mice Shaped Like Your Favorite Car


The word ‘Obsession’ doesn’t even begin to describe the passion some folks have for automobiles.  There’s no sense in hiding your enthusiasm, at least that’s what Road Mice thinks.  Currently the company offers a line of wireless optical computer mice shaped to be exact replicas of the Ford Mustang, Chevy...


MSI Wind Unveils The U115 Hybrid Netbook With Dueling Drives


MSI officially unveiled its latest netbook yesterday, the U115 Hybrid.  The most notable features is its green (battery) friendly hybrid drive system that uses a solid state drive for day-to-day use and a good old fashion spinning hard drive for backing up data – something they call ‘eco mode’.  Aside...


Twist To Fit BGP100 Smartphone Game Pad

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Gaming on any cell phone is a challenge to say the least; the tiny buttons are far from applicable.  The BGP100, which appears to be yet another after market game pad for cell phones is actually an innovative piece of kit.  The device can expand to accommodate handsets up to...


Gadget Leak: Sony P Series Netbook


And the mystery continues.  Remember the Sony P Series Notebook/Netbook that we saw show up on the FCC’s site?  Well, it reared it’s yet to be determined head again on Sony’s shopping site, albeit for a short period of time.  The above pictured notebook is actually an image of the...